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Whether you decide on a fir or a spruce, choosing a real Christmas Tree is definitely the right choice for the environment. Nothing can replace the look, smell and feel of a real Christmas Tree, especially one that has been freshly cut from our 35 acre Christmas Tree farm in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

Our farm is just a 15 minute drive from Aylesbury, and located just of the a41 visiting us could not be easier.

Prices start at just £9 for a small traditional Norway Spruce, and £12 for premium non-drop Nordman Fir trees.


Nordman Fir

The original non-drop and now by far the biggest selling type of tree in the UK, the Nord has very good needle retaining properties.


The needles are soft, wide and dark green. The tree presents a wide conical shape, and the branches are not too dense.


Norway Spruce

Once the favourite Christmas tree in England, the Norway Spruce has the shape, smell and tradition of all things Christmas past.


Following our tree care instructions will help one of these beautiful trees retain its needles. As a grower we can ensure that your Norway Spruce is one of the freshest available!

As one of the closet Christmas tree growers to towns, such as Aylesbury, Watford & Hemel Hemsptead, we really are one of the greenest options when choosing where to purchase your Xmas tree. This season, with all our trees grown on plantations in the local area. Ensuring we keep our carbon footprint down as a result of not carting the trees long distances 

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