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A Christmas tree should be treated like any cut flower or plant being brought into a warm, dry atmosphere. Follow our simple steps and keep your tree looking it's festive best.

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Cut trees should always be fresh when purchased, without dull or dried needles or brittle branches. The outer needles should not fall off if the tree is gently shaken. All of our trees are cut fresh from the forest and ready to bring lush and long-lasting greenery to your Christmas home!

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Store your new tree in a cool, wind-sheltered spot if you are not

using it immediately.  There is no need to leave it outside once you get it home.

Just before you put up your Christmas tree, saw an inch off the bottom of the trunk. We can do this for you when you buy your tree! 


This will open up the pores in the bark to allow water to be taken up by the tree via capillary action. As soon as possible after this, stand the Christmas tree in plain water, (not soil or sand) in a bucket or a water holding stand.

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Try to place your Christmas tree in its water-holding stand,

away from any direct heat.

Keep the Christmas Tree stand topped up with water - Christmas Trees may drink 2-3 pints of water per day!  It is essential to keep doing this as once the water drops below the trunk, sap will re-seal pores in the tree's bark and prevent the tree from drinking up any more water.

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