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We offer fantastic opportunities for seasonal employment. Come and join us!

Each Christmas season we are keen to employ enthusiastic, polite people who are used to working outdoors, enjoy working with the public and can speak fluent English. The people we employ may be in the UK on a working holiday Visa - many young UK residents enjoy reciprocal arrangements on their travels around Australia etc. Indeed the owners of Christmas Tree Place did just that (in our younger days!). Or just simply travelling around the UK to find work.

For some general information about these Visas, together with some general Tax and National Insurance rate details please see the notes at the foot of this page. For general information about National Insurance number requirements please see our notes half way down this page.

We normally have 7 or 8 such positions to add to our total seasonal staff.

We offer the opportunity to work long hours in a short period of time (4-5 weeks) and provide free accommodation for our employees. In the past this employment has particularly suited Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, South Africans and Americans who have been keen to earn money in the run up to Christmas.

We offer very competitive rates of pay and the opportunity to work plenty of hours in the run up to Christmas. Employees enjoy the benefit of free accommodation in self-catering caravans at our farm. The caravans have a mains electricity hook-up and come with a heater, and there is also access to a Microwave oven and a kettle. Employees should expect to share accommodation, possibly with a member of the opposite sex.

Hours offered have varied but normally average about 56 hours/week.

You must have a valid work permit for the UK (or be able to show that you are an EU national) and all employees are paid via the PAYE system, i.e. with tax and National Insurance deducted.

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