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Bovingdon Christmas Tree Farm

If you live in Bovingdon or surrounding villages, why not make Christmas tree place Berkhamsted part  of you Christmas tradition. We have been growing  trees in the local area since 1991 and continue to grow all of our trees in the Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire area.  

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Flood lit sales area

Our sales area and car park is all flood lit allowing us to have late week night open during the early weeks in December be sure to check for opening hours  before visiting 

Night time Christmas shopping .jpg

Growing trees in the local area

For every tree we sell at least 1 more is planted to replace this, ensuring all our trees are sustainably grown. What more none of our trees are grown more then 10 miles away from Bovingdon, allowing us to ensure transport emisions are nearl none existent (unlike trees grown in Scotland or continental Europe) 

Furthermore, growing trees ourselves allows us to begin harvest as late in the season as possible, unlike large wholesalers who often begin in October! 

Night time Christmas shopping .jpg
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