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Countdown to Cutting

Our business is dedicated to supplying the best Christmas trees available anywhere, but what do we mean when we say 'best'. Obviously, shape is important for most customers, but the range of what people consider the perfect shape is truly astonishing. We have all shapes and sizes and we have developed a growing technique that ensure that we have a huge range of trees from a visual perspective. Probably the most underappreciated characteristic of a tree in term of what makes it the best is its freshness. I really can't overstate the importance of this. There are two main factors that affect the freshness that growers and retailers of trees can influence, the date the tree is cut and how it is stored once it is cut. On our farm each year we carefully calculate when to start cutting, we start at the last possible date so that we can harvest all the trees we need to meet demand when our customers want their tree. We net them to protect the branches (we get them out of the net before they are sold) and store them upright in our retail area. We never squash them onto a pallet, we don't need to do this as we don't need to transport them more than a few meters from the field to the retail area.

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